What Is Inner And Outer Beauty Really All about?

Inner beauty and outer beauty


There are two types of beauty-
first inner beauty and second outer beauty.

people see these two types of beauty as very different from one another.

Outer beauty- by looking at someone's outer appearance, we can tell that if a person is attractive from outside, then we can call them outer beauty.
he or she is usually considered to be skinny or average weight. very rarely is a person that is overweight considered to be outwardly beautiful. if it is a woman, her hair and makeup should be flawless. whether her hair is short or long, blond or brunette doesn't matter, but her hair is not out of place. her makeup is perfect. eye shadow, blush, mascara, exactly the shade it should be and nothing out of place. her wardrobe could come from the most highly paid designers, or from the resale shops and it wouldn't matter. the way she wears those clothes ia very attractive. she is always dressed very neatly. there is not a wrinkle on her , nor is there a hint of wear on her clothing. if she's dressed in black, it's the deepest black; nothing on her has faded to gray.

a person that has inner beauty is considered to be a good hearted person. he or she is always interested in helping others. such people are always ahead to help everyone, their nature is very good, all people can communicate well with them.he or she may volunteer at local missions or hospitals in order to help others. he or she may be the person that everyone he or she knows turns to when they need advice or help through a hard time. he or she is usually reliable. if he or she say he or she is going to do something, you can bet that he or she will do it. he or she may not have outer beauty, but that is rarely focused on.

his or her inner beauty usually shines with such a light as to make the lack of outer beauty unrecognizable.
it is possible to have both inner and outer beauty, though that is a truly rare find. many that have outer beauty are so busy trying to keep it that they usually don't think about the things a person with inner beauty may think about. those with inner beauty are so busy trying to do good for others that they rarely think about themselves or when they do, their focus is not on how they can improve their outer appearance.
beauty is a wonderful thing. inner and outer beauty is something that people should work to achieve. too much of any one things is never good, but some of each is a definite positive. not only will you portray a positive and attractive appearance to others, but others will also appreciate you for all the good that you do for those in need.

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