Effects of Air Pollution / Air Pollution causes.

Air pollution, Effects of air pollution.
Effect of Air Pollution


The industrialisation in the world has polluted the air, which is creating health problems air pollution not only damages plants, trees and crops but also human beings. the polluted air is linked to sore throat, stinging eyes, respiratory diseases like bronchitis, asthama, pneumonia and other health problems that plague the persons, particularly the children and old people. there are a number of pollutants in the air such as poisonous gases from factories, exhaust fumes from automobiles, smoke, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulphur dioxide, lead compounds , dust and other harmful particles. among these, the worst industrial disaster in india took place in Bhopal on December 3, 1984  when the workers at the Union Carbide India Chemical Plant Field in panic. a white cloud of Methyl Isocyanate, a toxic chemical used in pesticides, escaped from a storage tank and spread over the town. at least 2,300 people died and more than 2,00,000 people were injured. of these, perhaps 10,000 may have to endure some form of lasting damage. such pollutants have polluted the whole atmosphere. Air pollution also causes a change in the climate. these creates further problems. Deforestation is another cause of air pollution but in indirect way. forest provide us oxygen, if there are less forests, they will not produce Oxygen according to the requirement. hence, deforestation slows down the process of natural purification of air. not only this, deforestation also leads to many problems. it causes flood. it also causes soil erosion. it also causes lowering of groundwater level. air pollution is also caused by wood, agricultural burnings, kitchens, railways, mining, wheat flour mills, thermal plants, aircraft, volcanoes and solar flares. the compounds of sulphur may cause mutations. Hydrogen fluoride affects the teeth, bones and results in fluorosis. carbon monoxide is also a poisonous gas. it combines with haemoglobin and reduces its oxygen-carrying capacity. it forms carboxy-haemoglobin in RBC which prevents them from carrying oxygen to all parts of the body. at high concentration, it produces giddiness, laziness, reduced vision, nervous and cardio-vascular disorder and even death. Ozone is injurious for mucous membrane.

There are particulate pollutants also. the main particulate pollutants are lead, fluorides, pottassium salts, sodium chlorides and cement etc. they pollute the air and cause anaemia, loss of appetite and damages liver, kidney and cause disorder of stomatch and intestine.

The above-mentioned pollutants enhance air pollution, which creates health problems.

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