Effects of Water Pollution / Water Pollution causes.

Effects of Water Pollution.
Effects of Water Pollution


No doubt water is indispensable for human life. not even a single organism can survive without water. as a matter of fact, three-fourth of earth is occupied by water. so, one may feel that supply of water is inexhaustible. it is a fact but the problem of pure, clean and safe water is causing great concern to the man. since the population is increasing there is rise in pollution level, which has spoiled the water. water is becoming less suitable for drinking with the increaseEffects of Air Pollution / Air Pollution causes. of various pollutants. the polluted water creates many diseases like Typhoid, Cholera, hepatitis, gastroenteritis, jaundice and dysentery. water pollution has become a common phenomenon in big cities as well as in slums. there are various reasons of water pollution. domestic and sewage waste is one of them. sewage waste generated in cities is thrown into rivers and canals. these are major sources of water pollution. with the increase in the amount of organic wastes in water, the germs multiply rapidly and use up available oxygen. lack of oxygen kills the fish. the various detergents used for quick and brighter washing when drained in river, degrade water slowly. these detergents accumEffects of Air Pollution / Air Pollution causes.ulate in water and make it unfit for human beings. in polluted water, the growth of bacteria is enormous and results in health hazarda. secondly, industrial wastes such as mercury, lead, cadmium, copper, zinc, nickel etc. are passed out into the rivers for disposal. mercury is released during combustion of coal, metallic ores, paints and from plastic factories. mercury may cause genetic change. it may cause a deformity disease called Minamata. it causes impaired vision, weakening of muscles and mental retardation.

With the running water, the pollutants present on surface of land and fertilizers added to the soil are washed into streams and lakes. nitrites are commonly found in polluted water, which enter into the blood and combine with haemoglobin to form methaemoglobin which is unable to transport oxygen. in infants it results in blue baby condition i.e- cyanosis. pesticides also pollute water. there are some pesticides, which are used by farmers for cultivation such as DDT, Dieldrin, endrin and malathion etc. which affect central nervous system, and may cause cerebral haemorrhage, hypertension and cancer. humans ha e also enhanced water pollution by installation of atomic power plants and recycling of nuclear wastes. they produce radioactive isotopes and ionizing radiations. these may cause genetic and functional changes. radiations may cause permanent blindness. bleeding occurs in blood capillaries. diarrhoea, vomiting, loss of appetite, loss of weight, fallingof hair are immediate effects of radiation. it may cause sterility, anaemia and ulcers in intestines. radiation is usual phenomenon in the world, so it can e called the health killer.

Thermal pollution is also water pollution. thermal pollution is caused by the production of hot water which is released by those industries which require water as a coolant. the warm water, when discharged in rivers, affects the entire ecosystem by bringing about the changes in temperature.

indeed, water pollution is big health hazard for the people. it tells upon the health and livelihood of a number of people.

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