History: 130 most Important Oneliner GK for- SSC, Railways & other Competitive Exams.

Indian History GK
India Gate

Important Indian History GK

Name the Writer of Akbar-Nama?
- Abul Fazal

2. Name the person who was responsible for pointing out the importance of Zeros?
- Aryabhatt (476-520)

3. Who defeated to whom in the Battle of Khanwah?
- Babar defeated Rana Sanga

4. Who started the Bhoodan Movement?
- Vinoba Bhawe

5. In which year Mahatma Buddha died?
- 487 B.C.

6. In which year was Mahavira Born?
- 599 B.C.

7. When was Mahatma Gandhi Born?
- October 2, 1869

8. When was Ravindra Nath Tagore Died?
- 1941

9. Where was Akbar Born?
- At Amarkot

10. When was Indira Gandhi assassinated?
- October 32, 1984

11. When was Rajiv Gandhi assassinated?
- May 21, 1991

12. Name the place Where Buddha Died?
- Kushinagar

13. When was Mughal Emperor Babar Born?
- 1483 A.D.

14. When and Where did Babar died?
- 1530 A.D. in Agra

15. When was Lal Bahadur Shastri Died?
- 1966

16. In which year was Dr. Rajendra Prasad died?
- 1969

17. Which state became 22nd state of India?
- Sikkim 

18. In which year Dr. Radhakrishnan died?
- 1975

19. Who built the Red Fort in Delhi?
- Emperor Shahjahan

20. Name the fort which is the Largest and Biggest in India?
- Gwalior Fort

21. Who built Agra Fort?
- Akbar

22. Name the place where Daulatabad fort is situated?
- Aurangabad

23. Where is Aga Khan palace situated?
- In Pune

24. Where is Hawa Mahal situated?
- In Mandu (Madhya Pradesh)

25. Where are found the Cave of Ajanta & Ellora?
- Aurangabad (Maharashtra)

26. Who built the Fatehpur Sikri?
- Akbar

27. In which place Jantar Mahal located?
- In Ujjain

28. Who built the Jantar Mahal?
- Maharaja Jai Singh

29. Name the parents of Lord Buddha?
- Maharaja Shuddhodana and Maharani Maya

30. When was the fourth & last Maratha War Fought?
- 1818

31. Who Discovered the Sea Route to India?
- Vasco-De-Gama

32. Who had Banned the Sati System?
- lord William Bentick

33. Who demacrated the India And Pakistan Boundary?
- Winston Churchill

34. Where is located the Kutab Menar?
- Delhi

35. What was the real name of Jahangir?
- Salim

36. Who wrote the Buddha Charita?
- Ashvaghosh

37. Who was the 9th President of India?
- Dr. Shanker Dayal Sharma

38. Name the 7th Mughal Emperor?
- Bhadur shah zafar

39. In the Second Battle of Panipat, who was defeated by Akbar?
- Hemu

40. Where is Situated Akbar's Tomb?
- In Sikandara (Agra)

41. What is the Height of Buland Darwaza and where is it situated?
- 38 and half m in height, Fatehpur Sikri

42. Where is located Iron Pillar in Delhi?
- Adjacent To Qutab Minar (Mehroli)

43. Name the person who built the Iron Pillar in Delhi?
- Chandra Varman

44. Where is Located Humayun's Tomb?
- In Delhi - near hazrat nizamuddin

45. Rajghat is Famous for?
- Samadhi of Gandhiji

46. What is the Height of Qutab-Menar?
- 72 and half m

47. Who built the Qutab-Menar?
- Qutab-Ud-Din-Aibak

48. Sanchi Stupa is Located in?
- In Bhopal

49. What is the Diameter and Height of Sarnath Stupa?
- Diameter- 28m, Height- 17m

50. What is the Name of Samadhi of Pt. Jawahar lal Nehru?
- Shanti Van

51. Name the city where Victoria Memorial Hall is located?
- Calcutta

52. Why Victoria Memorial is Famous?
- For the historical painting

53. Who Built the Tower of Victory in Chittaurgarh(Rajasthan)?
- Rana Kumbha of Mewar

54. Where is located Tomb of Shershah Suri?
- In Sasaram (Bihar)

55. What was the real Name of Kautilya?
- Vishnu Gupt

56. Who gave the Slogan "Swaraj Mera Janam Sidh Adhikar Hai Aur Main Ise Lekar He Rahunga"?
- Bal Gangadhar Tilak

57. What was the Name of last Sikh Guru?
- Guru Govind Singh

58. Which was the Capital of Shivaji's Kingdom?
- Raigar

59. Name the Mughal Emperor Who wrote his Autobiography?
- Babar

60. In which year, the battle of Khanwa fought Between Babar And Rana Sanga?
- 1527

61. Who introduced the Mansabdari System?
- Akbar

62. Who was the Eldest son of Shahajahan?
- Dara Shikoh

63. Hazrat Amir Khusran Wrote Prose and Poetic Work in which Language?
- Arabic, Hindi and Persian

64. The train Life in Express is also called?
- Hospital on Wheels

65. Mahatma Gandhi Refered to Subhash Chandra Bose as?
- portrait of patriots

66. When did ALEXANDER invade India?
- In 326 B.C.

67. In 1857, Name the female who participated in the Indian Mutiny?
- Rani Lakshmi Bai

68. Jalianwala Bagh Massacre held on?
- In 1919

69. In 1942, who started the Quit India Movement?
- Mahatma Gandhi

70. Where is Victoria Garden situated?
- Mumbai

71. Who Conquered the Mt.Everest on May 29, 1953?
- Sir Edmund Hilary and Sherpa Tenzing

72. In 1974, Mysore state renamed as? 
- Karnatak

73. In may 30, 1987 which state came under Indian Union Territory?
- Goa

74. Emperor Shahajahan shifted his Capital From Agra to?
- Delhi

75. In which year, The India National Congress was founded?
- 1885 (December)

76. Name the Prime minister, whose Samadhi name is Shakti Sthal?
- Smt. Indira Gandhi

77. What is the name of Samadhi Sthal of Mahatma Gandhi?
- Raj Ghat

78. Name the place where Hawa Mahal is located?
- Jaipur

79. Where is located Howrah Bridge?
- Calcutta

80. Victoria Garden is Situated at?
- Mumbai

81. What is the other name of Lotus Temple?
- Bhai House

82. Name the Tomb of mohammed shah?
- Asharfi-Mahal

83. What is the reason for fame of Ahmadnagar Fort?
- Freedom Fighters were kept there

84. Name the two great Mughals who wrote their own memories?
- Babar and Jahangir

85. Whom did Razia Succeed?
- Altatmash

86. Tipu Sultan was the Ruler of?
- Mysore (Karnataka)

87. Amir Khusro was a famous court poet of?
- Alauddin Khilji

88. Name the British Governor General who introduced Postage Stamps in India?
- Lord Dolhousie

89. The Quit India Movement started at?
- 7th August, 1942

90. What was the name of Mother of Shivaji?
- Jijabai

91. Who conquered a large part of China?
- Kanishka

92. Name the founder of RamaKrishna Mission?
- Vivekananda

93. What was the name of Pandava's Mother?
- Kunti

94. Who led the Rajputs in the Battle of khanwa against Babar?
- Rana Sanga

95. Who Built the Dilwara Temple at Mount Abu?
- Tejpala

96. Name the mughal Emperor who abolished Jaziya?
- Akbar

97. Who Built the Temple of Khajuraho?
- Chandellas

98. Name the Official Language of court during Akbar's reign?
- Persian

99. Name the Battle which changed Ashoka's life?
- Kalinga

100. Name the last Mughal Emperor?
- Bhadur Shah Zafar 2

101. Where is Akbar's Mausoleum Situated?
-  Sikandra

102. What was the name of father of Sultan Mahmood Of Ghazni?
- Sabukutigin

103. What is the name of Act of Re-marriage of Widows?
- Sharda Act

104. Whose Government is famous for its Elaborated Municipal Administration?
- Chandragupta Maurya

105. On Which Year, the British Parliament passed the India's independence Bill?
- 1st July, 1947

106. What was the Motto of Swami Dayanand Saraswati?
- Go Back To Vedas

107. During the period of Lord Dalhousie which Sikh War took place?
- Second Sikh War

108. Who won the First battle of Panipat?
- Babar

109. In the first year of the 11th century, who raided India?
- Sultan mah

110. In which reign, the development of architecture was at its peak level?
- Gupta Reign

111. Where was Gautam Buddha preached his first Sermon?
- At Sarnath

112. Name the last Successor of Sultan Mahmud?
- Khusrav Malik

113. During the reign of Ajatashatru, which spritiual personality died?
mahatma Buddha

114. Who sacked Somnath in 1026 AD? 
- Sultan Mahmud Ghaznabi

115. Who Patronised The Gandhara School of Art?
- Kanishka

116. Who built the Stupa at Sanchi?
- Ashoka

117. Name the Mughal Prince who translated some Sanskrit literature into Persian?
- Dara Shikoh

118. Who Built the Qutab-Menar?
- Qutab-Ud-Din-Aibak

119. What was the real name of Kautilya?
- Vishnu Gupt

120. Where was the capital of Kanishka?
- Purushapura

121. Name the person who introduced market regulations in Medieval Period of India?
- Ala-Ud-Din-khilji

122. Which headless statue found from Mathura?
- Headless statue of Kanishka

123. Who established the First India Empire?
- Chandra Gupta Maurya

124. In which year, the Battle of Plassey was fought?
- In 1757

125. During the reign of Akbar Was the Finance Minister?
- Todar Mal

126. Name the person known as Iron Man of India?
- Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel

127. Name the Prime Minister of Britain when india got Independence?
- Attlee

128. What was the main occupation of the Vedic Aryans?
- Agriculture

129. Who was the successor of Shivaji?
- Shambhaji

130. Fatehpur Sikri was built by Akbar in the memory for whom?
- In the honour of Sheikh Salim Chisti (A sufi muslim sant)

131. In which year Akbar gave a new faith Din-i-Elahi?
- In 1582

132. Who Discovered the sea route to India for the First Time in 1498?
- Vasco-De-Gama

133. When was B.G. Tilak born?
- In 1856

134. In 1989, Who was the Prime Minister of India?
- V.P. Singh

135. In 1992, who elected as President of India?
- Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma

136. Who introduced English Education in India?
- Lord William Bantick

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