What is Tuberculosis? mode of transmission, symptoms and treatment.


Tuberculosis is an infectious disease. in India, lot of people fall prey to this disease. it can be prevented and cured. this disease is common in men in comparison to women. it is caused by MYCOBACTERIUM TUBERCULOSIS. Robert koch identified it in 1882.Bacillus can creep into the body through various means. sometimes, it affects the whole body. Bacillus spreads in two ways, i.e, men to men and animals to men. this disease is caused by lack of fresh air, improper ventilation, deficiency of vitamins and food in the body, and through infected eatables and drinks, lack of rest and sleep, contact with someone infected by way of cough, sneeze, spit etc.


The incubation period may be a week, a month or a year.


The infected sputum of a patient comes out and dries up then the germs of tuberculosis are scattered in the air. when a patient coughs or sneezes, the bacilli come out and mix in the air. when a healthy person inhale that air the bacilli also enter his lungs. by taking infected meat or milk, bacilli may also enter the body of a healthy person.


1. Persistent cough with or without blood.

2. High fever.

3. Pain in the chest and throat.

4. Fast breathing and pulse rate.

5. Blood with sputum in advanced case.

6. Loss of appetite and loss of weight.

7. Sweating at night, chills.

What is Tuberculosis?
prevention and treatment


1. BCG vaccination should be given to a child from birth to six weeks.

2. The children should avoid playing in dusty areas.

3. Rooms should be hygienic and properly ventilated.

4. Balanced diet should be taken.

5. The patient should take medicine at least for one  to one and half years. usually patients take incomplete treatment because they start feeling better after three months, hence they usually leave the medicine and are not cured completely.

6. The patient should not indulge in hard work.

7. The patient should go out for morning and evening walk.

8. The patient should be saved from ultraviolet rays.

9. Completely boiled milk should be taken.

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